quantumdotsQuantum Dots

Vitriflex’s ultra barrier films ensure superior performance of quantum dot enhanced LCD’s. Maintaining color quality and display lifetime requires a multi-functional barrier film. Our expertise in surface science and engineering allows us to deliver not just a barrier film, but a barrier film system to meet specific requirements.

oleddisplayOLED Displays

Flexible electronics depend upon environmentally sensitive materials such as OLEDs.  Vitriflex’s ultra-barrier films provide superior protection against moisture and oxygen down to 10-6 g/m2-day and can be designed to facilitate integration into your manufacturing process.

oledlightingOLED Lighting

Flexible OLED lighting designs are only limited by the imagination. But that requires barrier film that not only meets stringent bending and transparency requirements, but also low permeation performance over the lifetime of the OLED.

solar2Flexible Solar PV

Transparent flexible ultra-barrier films are a critical enabler of lightweight, flexible CIGS PV modules.  Such PV modules will lower the balance of system costs and enable roll-to-roll module production. Vitriflex has developed a novel transparent ultra-barrier using a roll-to-roll process that promises a breakthrough cost reduction in front sheets for CIGS modules.